Hilary Rosen, CEO of RIAA (1998-2003) , Talks About Music Industry During Napster Era

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A super thank you to Hilary Rosen for taking the time to talk with me! Hilary was the CEO of the RIAA from 1998-2003 (during the explosion of music piracy.) she was the face of the industry at a time when that wasn’t especially cool. She received enough death threats that she had to start […]

Underground Rap Legend, Benefit, Tells His Story For the First Time Ever

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The Real Story of Underground Rap Legend, Benefit, Will Finally Be Told! Jed and Benefit via @BroodBabyJed If you listened to hip-hop in 1999/2000 AND downloaded music using Napster, it’s likely you’re at least somewhat familiar with hip-hop’s biggest mystery, Benefit. If you visit his website (http://benefitofficial.com) you’ll find a bio that points to urbandictionary.com, […]

Ghostface and His Swimming Pool Problem

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At some point or another you may have wanted to buy a glass-bottom swimming pool. And i get it. But not so fast, Michael Phelps. My buddy Ghostface Killah and I made a little animated squiggly video to help explain why that might be an unwise decision. I also made some other rap animation videos […]

Lemonade was a Popular Drink

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And it still is. I’m creating a series of short animated videos centered around rap lyrics. If you have any suggestions, shoot me an email! This is a classic line by Guru of Gang Starr from the song “DWYCK” featuring Nice & Smooth.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Solstice

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Here’s a quick video Christmas card I made: I did the majority of the animation in Photoshop. If you have any questions about how I did it, feel free to shoot me a message. Jed

New Video I Directed

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Check out the new promo video I directed for the organization, ACCPI (The Association of Customer Care Professionals). ACCPI Video Here’s a little bit of info about ACCPI: The Association of Customer Care Professionals was created in 2015 to challenge the way people see our industry and the people powering it. Our goal is to make […]

Quick Guide to Key Positions on a Video Production

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• Cinematographer (Director of Photography or DP) / Camera Operator – collaborates with the director to execute the visual look and style of the video. • Colorist – works with Director and DP to give a final, consistent color grade or visual look for the video, often matching the hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma, sharpness (and more) in all of […]

The Four Stages of Video Production

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There are four stages of video production and this is a constant for every video that gets made regardless of category. 1. pre-production Write script, prepare budget, audition actors, assemble crew & talent, place equipment orders, scout locations, prepare contracts, storyboards, shot list, schedule, etc. 2. production Film the video. 3. post-production Transcode media, edit video, create […]