Underground Rap Legend, Benefit, Tells His Story For the First Time Ever

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The Real Story of Underground Rap Legend, Benefit, Will Finally Be Told!

Jed and Benefit Jed and Benefit via @BroodBabyJed

If you listened to hip-hop in 1999/2000 AND downloaded music using Napster, it’s likely you’re at least somewhat familiar with hip-hop’s biggest mystery, Benefit. If you visit his website (http://benefitofficial.com) you’ll find a bio that points to urbandictionary.com, which lists the top definition of “Benefit” as:

The greatest Underground Rapper of all time
Professional, upping the decibel a decimal above
Extraterrestrial audible vessels
For blood audible missiles and vocal dismissals
Like pistols tearing through MC’s skeletal gristles

And that’s pretty accurate.

I’ve been a fan of Benefit since I was about 15. However, after his breakout success in the late 90s and early 2000s, he disappeared without a trace. Rumors began circulating that he died or got into drugs. Luckily none of those theories were true.

I was fortunate enough to contact Benefit recently through some mutual friends and spent about 10 hours at his home earlier this week. We filmed a segment for my new documentary about how the mp3 changed the economics of the music industry. (The project, System Shock, is coming out via Bloomberg in 2017.)

Benefit let me know that although he’s had a lot of video interview requests over the years, he’s never actually done one before. So I’m excited to say that we will be releasing the first ever Benefit video interview at some point later this year – both as part of a larger documentary and as a standalone short.

If you’re interested in seeing the doc when it’s out, comment here and I’ll be sure to keep you posted when it’s ready.

Benefit – “Napster Competition Entry #460″

Benefit – “So Sick”

Benefit – “If I Owned a Midget”

Benefit – “Proceed With Caution”

Benefit – “Warp World 6-9″


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